Welcome  – Herzlich Willkommen – E komo mai!

I have finally made a few steps toward setting up my homepage. I will add to this as I go along and I don't want to make it too fancy. As you may see, most sections will be in English but parts of the ‘Private’ section may be in German for those among family and friends who are not that proficient in English.  I will try to add many pictures, so you may find something there no matter what language you speak.

For now, there will be three sections on this site:


This is mainly to keep friends and family across the globe up to date about what I am doing.
(under construction)

Knife handles

I have started making handles for Japanese kitchen knives as a hobby, and occasionally I sell a few of them. This site provides pictures and information about my hobby.

Professional info

This site links to some of my professional accomplishments, a fairly recent version of my CV and contact info for professional services.
(under construction)

Not everything will be set up perfectly from the beginning but I will try to continue working on it as good as I can. It may be worth it to occasionally come back to check for new contents or pictures. For questions, suggestions and feedback about the website, please contact me here.

Mahalo for your interest,

Stefan Keller